By Hazel Louise J. Albacite

As its name suggests, the Himugso of the College of Computer Studies was truly a birth of new power – the power to change everything.

Commemorated last August 26-27, Himugso gave way to powerful competitions and their empowered conquerors even from Day 1: Faction Leader Appearance - , Doble Boses Competition - , Dance Craze Competition - , Acoustic Band Competition - , and Power Dance Competition - .

Day 2 paid attention and care for Mother Earth by having Tree Planting early in the morning. Moreover, Academic Contests and Ball Games catered the need to exercise and develop physical and mental powers.

Himugso only showed that there is so much potential in each of us. We are responsible for honing our talents and skills and are accountable in using them to benefit the humanity and the rest of the creation.