Untimely demise of the SCC Covered Court

by: Ernelyn Jimenez

On the 27th of May 2016, Pagadian City was hit by heavy rain storms and strong winds that caused severe damage to the Saint Columban College covered court which brought about ₱3,247,545.00 in casualty loss when a tree was unfortunately uprooted from its ground. This rendered the affected area unfit for use due to the potential danger it display and harm it may eventually cause to the students using it if the roof collapse.

In my interview with the school accountant Atty. Beverly O. Travero, CPA, the rehabilitation of the covered court would cost approximately five million pesos excluding the demolition cost which was already contracted and costs 90,000 pesos.

The demolition is already ongoing which started on the second week of June which will end on the second week of July.

Raising of funds for the construction will come from the school’s savings, alumni support and alumni fund raising activities like dinner for a cause, concert for a cause, raffle draws, etc.

Everyone was shocked and saddened when news about the covered court came about. Fortunately, nobody was hurt from the incident.