SCC ACTS: Waste Disposal Signage

by: Leslie E. Daniel

To instill discipline and improve garbage disposal, Saint Columban College distributes signage to all the three departments.

Effective this coming academic year 2016-2017, SCC will strengthen the implementation of proper waste management as part of promoting one of the core values of SCC ACTS – Taking Care of Mother Earth.

Rev. Fr. Belstar O. Ediang, STL, Vice-President for Admin and Finance said that the putting up of signage is a way to communicate to every individual to strictly advocate cleanliness and orderliness inside the different school campuses.

“We can’t afford to see our mother earth dying. So to help, we decided to come up with the idea of producing meaningful pictorial representations.” He emphasized during the interview.

The said signage is visible along corridors and pathways where garbage cans are present in order to provoke the conscience of an individual to encourage them to throw their garbage properly and responsibly.