Himamat 2016: Bridge towards Unity

by Leslie E. Daniel

With such alluring cocktail dresses and charming formal wears, the students together with the teachers, proved that it's never impossible to build a celestial fortress that only once existed as fantasies in the mindset of each person. It was a special day for the SCCJHS community and in fact a long-awaited event. The gym's spacious area full of nothing but emptiness, slowly began to wither the thought of it away as soon as waves of students subsided forth towards the said building, filling the SCC-YDC Gym in every corner in preparation for their ever-anticipated Acquaintance Party— better known as Himamat 2016

Himamat symbolizes the real essence of unity, which will help us in building bonds with others and in strengthening the relationships we currently have with the surrounding people." Mrs. Jane Antiola, Student Activity Coordinator, emphasized.

The remarks given by Mrs. Jane Antiola engaged everyone's own perspective of what purpose and main goal our Acquaintance Party exactly holds. Together with that, she sealed every word she spat out, as she once again announced the theme; "Pag-ilhanay: Yawi sa Tinuoray nga Kahiusahan." And by that, she formally opened the Himamat 2016. Furthermore, the production number from our very own Kasadya Dance Troupe came, as they swiftly moved their bodies together with the music, full of such angst, allowing their own selves to get lost as if in a garden filled with their own emotions while in the midst of dancing on the stage.

"Thank you for the given trust. This was only once my dream before, but now I'm finally holding the responsibilities as your CSC President." Ms. Pinky Nicolette Cabalog, our newly-elected CSC President for S.Y. 2016-2017, gave gratitude to everyone. After the production number, Ms. Christia Angelie Cabahug, CSC President for S.Y. 2015-2016, had turn-over the key to Ms. Pinky Cabalog. They both exchanged their words of gratitude to each other and to the SCCJHS community as a whole, for the given opportunity entrusted to both of them.

The flow of the program continued on, and powerfully gripped on each one's attention. Presentations from different grade levels followed, such as Pop Dance from Grade 9 students, Musical Encore from the Grade 7, Cha Cha from the Grade 10, K-pop Dance from the Grade 8, Swing from the Grade 8 students once again, Jive from the Grade 7 students, Waltz from the Grade 9, Mass Dance from the Grade 10 students, and of course the Surprise Number from our teachers, filled with a different level of enthusiasm, which didn't took any second longer for the crowd to applaud their jaw-dropping performance. "This event allows us to be closer to one another and enables us to create a sense of unity and solidarity." Sister Ammie Adoremos, Vice President for Spirituality and Formation, stated. Sister Ammie Adoremos explained further more of what we should bear in our minds during, and even after this event. According to her heartwarming words, we must trust fully the Father's mercy as we continue this memorable journey of ours. With every step we make, we need to mend our ears in listening to one another's words and mold our hearts in accepting our differences in life, to be able to establish a strong foundation of unity in the society.

Finally, the program ended up with a closing remarks given by Franielle Ann Andagan , CSC senator which signals the Dance Party to all SCCians spearheaded by a resident DJ Khail Sebastian Dacula .