A New Feat of Excellence

by Joel Deen Cacho

Education is a transmission of Civilization – Will Durant

It means that when a society is cultured, it is believed to be educated and every aspects of it will be passed from the traditional world to the modern world.

* * *

Saint Columban College welcomes new Licensed Teachers to the Philippine workforce.

With a passing rate of 49% for the first time takers of Licensure exam for Elementary Level; SCC ranked 603rd out of 977 universities and colleges in the Philippines for the said level. It also ranked 803rd out of 1,088 colleges and universities in the Philippines with a passing rate of 41% for the first time takers of Licensure Exam for Secondary level.

According to finduniversity.ph, the school ranked 546th out of 794 competent institutions in the Philippines. It is 57 steps back from its exam performance last year which is evident with its weighted ranking of both examinations of 35.8%. a 5.7% decline from last year’s 41.5%.

Truly, with the Philippines having new licensed professionals, it is transmitting its culture from today’s age into the future and SCC is one of the many catalysts that are making it possible.