SCC: Bridging the gap between the Past, the Present and the Future.

by: Joel Deen Cacho

During the recent times, universities and college campuses have become more competitive when it comes to computer science courses because of the windows of opportunities it poses. In order for an institution to survive the test of time, it must adapt to the ever-changing standards to cater to the needs of a wider populace.

Saint Columban College in conformity with raising the bar to the ASEAN standards and as mandated by the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines provides ten new Apple iMac to the students which is specifically targeted to the students enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing.

The Past: A brief history of the College of Computer Studies

Saint Columban College used to be center of development on information technology during the year span of 2001-2004 but then lost its status. Now Saint Columban College is ready to get back the status and more.

The Present: Is SCC ready?

According to Mr. Philipcris C. Encarnacion, MCS-Dean of the College of Computer Studies; “Yes. We already have four Master Teachers capable of teaching BS EMC courses which majors into game development and digital animation.” This means to say that SCC is now capable of competing against universities such as University of the East, Far Eastern University, Asia-Pacific College and the likes into this course offering.

Why iMAC?

It is not a lady’s tale for people out there that iMac has switched for PowerPC into Intel Chip. This means that iMac provides greater specs that PowerPC cannot offer. One example is unified interface- this means that apple iMac’s user interface is consistent and that menu options are standardized. Another is virtually safer than PCs- even if you look at the statistics on the internet; iMacs are less targeted by malwares. It basically means that iMac provides less maintenance than PCs. Apple also has a lot of built-in tools that may come very handy to users especially game developers and digital animators. Lastly (of the many), unlike PCs, apple provide a solution to troubleshoot the whole computer rather than just the parts of it.

The Future: Set to be home for game developers and digital animators

iMac may be expensive and requires a lot of patience of getting used to especially if the user is used to dealing with PCs, it is definitely a good choice especially for game developers, digital animators and aspiring students. Hopefully, the windows of opportunity opened by the new course, credible teachers and high-spec devices will prosper into something bigger that will set the school into a hub for game developers and the likes.