by Hazel Louise J. Albacite

Saint Columban College held ‘Pag-ila-ila’ at the Youth Development Center last June 8 and 15 for students of College and Senior High School respectively.

Opened by the remarks of Bill Doldol, Grand Student Council President, this year’s ‘Pag-ila-ila’ introduced the members of Faculty and Heads for each department: CBE, CCS, and CTEAS; as well as the Unit Heads, and members of the Administration.

The Orientation Proper went on featuring the following offices: Registrar, Accounting, Library, Health Services, Student Affairs, Guidance, Campus Ministry, Community Involvement Program; and Vice President for Saint Columban Spirituality and Formation, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Vice President for Administration and Finance.

As an annual activity, ‘Pag-ila-ila’ aims to orientate SCCians about the rules they have to abide by, benefits that they can enjoy, and other important things they have to know about SCC.