SOSA 2016: raising the bar to the ASEAN Standards

by: Ernelyn Jimenez

“SCC will be the best school in Pagadian City and in the entire Zamboanga Peninsula.”

This was the challenge posed by Rev. Fr. Gilbert M. Hingone, STL, in his State of the School’s Address (SOSA) on Saturday, June 4.

He urges everyone to be result-oriented. “Words are meaningless until translated to concrete results” he added.

The SOSA was formally opened with the Kalinaw Ensemble’s opening salvo with the entrance of mace, colors and dignitaries which represents different countries from the ASEAN region. As one of the highlights of this affair, the theme for this SOSA is ASEAN. Departments and offices were named from ASEAN countries; Vietnam (GS), Myanmar (HS), Cambodia (CBE), Thailand (CCS), Brunei (CTEAS & Graduate school), Indonesia (Registrar & library), Laos (Maintenance), Singapore (Finance, Treasurer & Accounting), Malaysia (Students’ Services Offices) and Philippines (Administrators).

Rev. Fr. Hingone emphasized in his speech the strides on the previous school year which includes the bagged down enrollment of the Grade School contrary to the double upturn of Graduate School enrollment and the continued upswing of enrolled students in High School and College Departments.

Rev. Fr. Hingone also cited the one-year plans and the five-year plans for the institution underlying the PAASCU Accreditation. “It looks like an impossible dream but it can slowly turn into a reality if we always work together” he explained. He praised the work of the administration and the employees for the accomplishments of the past school year.

The institution looks forward to accept the ASEAN Integration challenge to raise the standard set by ASEAN countries, to upgrade the K to 12 program and expects the second round visit of PAASCU on July 18.